February 25, 2016

Big Dumb Fun Show® (BDFS) Aaron Gnirk was joined in-studio by guest host Anthony Burnside, plus guest fitness sensation Charisse Taylor and musical talent Chase Fanning for three hours of trending talk plus indie unsigned local music. Anthony Burnside calls Kansas City home when he is not on-duty as a Executive Protection Specialist (EPS) for high profile internationally televised events such as the 88th Annual Grammy Awards and celebrities. Burnside a former radio personality overnights on KKFI for 12 years warms right up to the microphone and talks about his on-air expertise. EPS Anthony provided his thought to last year to The Hollywood Reporter on the Oscars and we talked about security at the 2016 Academy Awards next Sunday evening.

World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) 1st Place winner Charisse Taylor joined us to talk about taking her fitness seriously. After only six month of intensive fitness training, May 2015 at The Midland Theater in downtown Kansas City, Charisse took the WBFF competition by storm with a 1st Place in Bikini Masters and a top 5 in Bikini Open Short. Follow her workout online at 

Kansas City based singer, songwriter, musician Chase Fanning returns to the BDFS to talk about his first studio album entitled Anxious which released in January. We've been playing his single Medicine for the last year and we did it again before we aired a new track off Anxious. Before the end of the program Chase moved into the BDFS Acoustic Endzone with his guitar in hand and performed another track from the album live and in color. 

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